Installation guide

To install the iqTool GUI perform the following actions:

  • connect iqInterface to PC with OS Windows XP or 7 (see Physical connection)
  • install USB virtual port driver if USB connection to PC is going to be used (you can find it on USB flash drive delivered with iqInterface or driver homepage)
  • install .Net framework version 4 or higher (it can also be found on the USB flash drive under iqInterface_GUI_Tool folder)
  • uninstall the old version of iqTool if it has been installed
  • download the latest version of iqTool coming with iqInterface bundle on its download page or take the installer from the USB flash drive under iqInterface_GUI_Tool\XXXX_XX_XX_iqTool_VX.X.X.X folder (see also version changelog)
  • Launch the installer and install the iqTool GUI following the instructions