Firmware changelog

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Version (04.03.2013)

  • first hardware and bootloader launch
  • first master stack integration and IO-Link communication

Version (04.07.2013)

  • add IQ Generic Device
  • non-volatile memory configuration save

Version (12.10.2013)

  • add first version of bootloader with update and supported modes upgrade functions via RS232 and USB
  • change iq communication frame (swap checksum and length byte, set confirm bit 7 in command byte)

Version (25.11.2013)

  • direct mode for RS232

Version (03.12.2013)

  • add USB support for direct mode

Version (25.08.2014)

  • add system command reset for generic device (index 2 subindex 0)
  • prohibit adding indeces 0, 1, 2, 3, 0x0C to generic device ISDU structure
  • allow switching from operate to auto and check fault to preoperate, because the state is already achieved
  • add io-link power supply on/off iq parameter/command
  • make Master ISDU read/write requests and generic device send event commands repeatable (idempotent)

Version (15.04.2015)

  • minor bug fixes

Version (12.05.2015)

  • Bug with EMC error counter reading collision fixed. Bug appeared on COM3 Baudrate when PC EMC_Utility was polling the error counter and therefore broke the IO-Link communication;

Version (06.07.2015)

  • Generic device: ISDU request notification ISDU response from PC with custom data

Version (released 25.08.2020)

  • master stack: fix bug with next buffered event signaling/confirmation from DL to AL
  • EMC testing functionality added
  • Integrate master stack according to IO-Link specification 1.1.3
  • Fix handling event for legacy devices
  • add possibility to reboot and reset parameters