Communication DLL changelog

Version 2.2 (23.05.2022)

Version 2.1 (25.08.2020)

Version 2.0 (17.07.2020)

Version (19.06.2017)

Version (20.04.2016)

Version (13.04.2016)

  • A new 'mst_GetGadgetID' method was added in order to distinguish between iqInterface & iqLink
  • Fix a bug with catching master's internal errors

Version (28.08.2015)

  • Refactor ethernet api to build CVI demo project (use windows native socket API lib instead of CVI's)
  • Fix bugs with function return data size for mst_ReadOD()
  • add iq command send/receive retry in case of wrong checksum or response receive timeout

Version (06.07.2015)

  • Generic device: ISDU request notification ISDU response from PC with custom data

Version (25.08.2014)

  • switch all size/count parameters’ type from ‘uchar08’ to ‘uint16’
  • fix ISDU read buffer size error
  • fix bug with check of device min cycle time setting
  • add ethernet communication

Version (15.01.2014)

  • first version of iqInterface control c dll includes master and generic device functions to control iqInterface over comport with porting example for MS Visual Studio 2010 and NI CVI 201