API description

To use DLL or its source you should always include iqi_define.h header, and at choice

  • iqi_ethernet.h for Ethernet startup
  • iqi_mst.h for master mode
  • iqi_dev.h for device mode
  • iqi_dm.h for direct mode

All functions return some non-negative value as a result or negative error code in case of failure (enumerated with ERR_ prefix in iqi_define.h).

Each function also takes a character buffer pointer cpErrMsg for an error description in case of failure. The error buffer should be at least 256 bytes.

Most of functions also take a port number to identify a port to which IQ² Master is connected. This port number is obtained from the connect functions, like mst_Connect/mst_EthernetConnect or dev_Connect/dev_EthernetConnect.