New features in 'v1.4.0'

Proxy server support

Often inside the company are used one or another kind of web proxy server.

We have added web proxy server settings:

'Address' field consists from two subfields: 'hostname' and 'port number'. In this example, '' and '8080' correspondigly.

In case proxy server requires credentials, there are two other subfields: 'username' and 'password'. To store credential between program restart, you can select 'Save in plain text', it means that personal data will be stored in plaintext in the settings file!

After all settings, you can check connection by clicking the button 'Check connection'.

IO-Link IODDfinder portal integration

Customer can enable this option in settings in order to search required IODDs from remote Internet portal. By default it disabled.

For more details about this service please take a look at

Show communication characteristics (IODD V1.1 only)

Now for every device variant you can see connector details:

Allow to modify parameters in offline mode

From now you can change parameters while in offline (without IO-Link communication).