iqPDCT (Port & Device Configuration Tool) User's Manual

IQ² PDCT (Port & Device Configuration Tool) for iqInterface® and iqLink®.

Actual version: v1.6.3 / 2019-06-14 (download).

Main Task:

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v1.7.6 / 2023-09-15


  • Fix: Ignore, if profile characteristic parameter is absent
  • Fix: Fix error handling during block parametrization
  • Fix: Device reconnection timeout set to 500 ms.
  • Fix: FW Update retry counter

Download 'v.1.7.6'

v1.7.2 / 2022-04-08


  • Stop to send `DownloadStore` if DataStorage is disabled
  • Prefix every record item with variable name
  • Exclude `DownloadStore` command for some system commands
  • Update jSSC library
  • Update FTDI driver
  • Collapse all & expand all now run recursively at any depths
  • Update to IODD V1.1.3
  • Update some libraries (JNA, unittests)

Download 'v.1.7.2'

v1.7.1 / 2021-01-29

New features:

  • Fix German translation for firmware update tab
  • Add appropriate notification, if user load invalid file for IODD or Parameter Set
  • Parameter sets can be stored or loaded without IO-Link communication
  • Disable parameter set menu if IODD tab not selected
  • Add master event notification for all standard events
  • Update iqPDCT according new IODD specification
  • Show description additionally as tooltips for process data and variables

Download 'v.1.7.1'

v1.6.6 / 2020-01-31

New features:

  • Show master events
  • Add support for `fwActivationRetryCounter` attribute (IO-Link FWUpdate profile)

Download 'v1.6.6'.

v1.6.4 / 2019-10-28

New features:

  • Show events from `V_DetailedDeviceStatus` explicitly as device notifications.
  • Show notifications from events explicitly as device notifications.


  • Fix a problem with COM-ports for FTDI-Chip.
  • Fix wildcards support for Hardware key (FWUpdate profile).
  • Fix firmware update file attach if password isn't exist in IODD (FWUpdate profile).

User interface changes:

  • Read bootmode related variables only if device supports corresponding profile characteristic.
  • Show on which COM-port the connection with IO-Link Master was established.

Download 'v1.6.4'.

v1.6.3 / 2019-06-28

New Features:

  • Master firmware update was completely removed.


  • Values can be written one by one by pressing enter in the value entry field.

Download 'v1.6.3'.

v1.6.2 / 2019-04-26


  • Return the ability to select multiple parameters (for example, to see several descriptions at one time).
  • Clearer names and changed order for `IODD file reopen` and `values reload` context menu sub-items.


  • IODD with wrong CRC wasn't opened if installation directory has non ASCII symbols (for example, `IQ² Development GmbH`).
  • Silently skip non-existent IODD files at startup instead of showing an error.
  • Button descriptions aren’t shown any more (starting from `v1.6.0`).
  • Scaling didn't work for any variables with `Float32T` datatype.

Download 'v1.6.2'.

v1.6.1 / 2018-11-26


  • Availability to clear device events list.


  • Fix some Firmware Update profile support issues.

Download 'v1.6.1'.

v1.6.0 / 2018-11-04

New features in 'v1.6.0'.


  • Show `minCycleTime` attribute in identity panel.


Download 'v1.6.0'.

v1.5.0 / 2018-01-18

New features in 'v1.5.0'.


  • Data storage support;
  • Update FTDI drivers (2.12.26 > 1.12.28);
  • Show supported SIO mode and transmission rate attributes;
  • Standard variables with special display (`V_DirectParameters_1`, `V_DeviceAccessLocks`);
  • A lot of UI-related user experience improvements.

Download 'v1.5.0'.

v1.4.1 / 2017-07-06


  • IODDFinder portal analitics.


  • FTDI chip D2XX driver DLL absense.

Download 'v1.4.1'.

v1.4.0 / 2017-05-29

New features in 'v1.4.0'.


  • Update FTDI drivers (2.12.24 > 1.12.26);
  • Hide empty descriptions or only with spaces;
  • Hide 'modifyOther' attribute to read-only variables;
  • Add tooltips to IODD filenames and vendor names;
  • Show variant ids (used actively by IODDFinder portal);
  • Redraw desktop application icon for clarity on any backgrounds;
  • Process special variables from direct page 1 (now only for MaxCycleTime & MinCacleTime).


  • Block parametrisation doesn't work (ISDU communication);
  • Not started on not predefined locale (except for 'EN' & 'DE', for example 'FR' or 'RU');
  • CRC calculation logic is wrong for external language files.

Download 'v1.4.0'.

v1.3.3 / 2017-02-16

New Features:


  • Return back standard serial ports (RS232, only for iqInterface).


  • Impossible to change column width for user roles parameters.

Download 'v1.3.3'.

v1.3.2 / 2017-01-16

New Features:

  • Add support for standard variable 'V_DirectParameters_2' (direct page 1, not ISDU devices only).


  • Randomly, no more serially, connect to available iqInterface® or iqLink® masters;
  • Hide all Java programming language specific details from errors alerts.

Download 'v1.3.2'.

v1.3.1 / 2016-12-16


  • Parameter sets loading error;
  • Numeric datatype converter error.

Download 'v1.3.1'.

v1.3.0 / 2016-12-14

New features in 'v1.3.0'.

Was deprecated for download, please use instead 'v1.3.1'.

v1.2.1.1 / 2016-07-07


  • Com-port reopening doesn't work.

Download 'v1.2.1.1'.

v1.2.1 / 2016-07-05

Uninstall previous version strongly recommended because of directory and execution file renaming (see notes below). 


  • Parameter sets & block parameterization was reimplemented;
  • Add support for intergated with IODDs languages additionally to external files.


  • Show actual condition menus only;
  • Show names only for 'SingleValue' datatypes elements (as well as buttons);
  • Hide ealy added (in 'v1.1.0') index / subindex and raw data for IO-Link variables;
  • Directory and execution file were changed from "Port and Device Configuration Tool" to "iqPDCT".

Was deprecated for download, please use instead 'v1.2.1.1'.

v1.2.0 / 2016-05-20

New features in 'v1.2.0'.

Was deprecated for download, please use instead 'v1.2.1.1'.

v1.1.0 / 2016-04-05

v1.0.0 / 2015-09-16

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