New features in 'v1.3.0'

IODD V1.0.1 XML format

There is also a possibility to filter all opened IODD files by 'V1.1' and 'V1.0.1' versions separately:

See also IODD V1.1 vs IODD V1.0.1 features compare table.

2x performance improvements

Thanks for fully reimplemented edit controls.



Select required user roles from settings

A new settings parameters to select required user roles to show:

Device variant collection

With IO-Link communication the connected device variant is selected automatically. Without IO-Link there is a facility to choice a device variant from the predefined list manually.

Windows specific way to show files

Now IODD files and the errors journal selected in Windows Explorer instead of openning in Web Browser.

Combine process data with user roles parameters

Explicitly identify parameters and ISDU errors with descriptions

Show physical units descriptions for selected parameters

Show '...' when parameter name or description are out of the column width