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Version (04.03.2013)

  • First basic working version with IO-Link data type controls

Version (04.07.2013)

  • add data storage settings

  • add index/subindex tips from connected device data storage list

  • add macros

  • add save and clear log

  • add first version of IQ Generic Device

Version (23.10.2013)

  • add iqInterface firmware update and upgrade of supported modes using code

Version (25.08.2014)

  • clear last event label after switching into new IO-Link communication
  • set request/mode timeout to 10sec because of somitimes long DS startup
  • add active IO-Link communication indication
  • make iq communication asyncron
  • add ethernet/tcp ip connection support
  • new communication settings for USB/comport/Ethernet
  • add io-link device power supply on/off function for master mode
  • log data bytes number of ISDU read/write requests

Version (15.04.2015)

  • minor bug fixes