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v1.1.0 / 2018-06-08 (not yet released!)

New Features:

  • Add a new attribute fwActivationRetryCounter.


  • Check XSD-constraint “unique”, for example HardwareIdKeys shall be unique in the collection.

Download 'v1.1.0'.

v1.0.4 / 2018-05-18


  • CRC calculation fails (thanks for Andreas);
  • Some minor UI improvements.

Download 'v1.0.4'.

v1.0.3 / 2016-11-17


  • 'vendorId' attribute validation error was resolved.

Download 'v1.0.3'.

v1.0.2 / 2016-11-03


  • Label resizing for different screen settings;
  • Two letters language selection improvements;
  • Many other minor bugfix changes.

Special thanks to the Mr. Oppmann from Fr. Siemens and Mr. Klein from Fr. OMRON.

Download 'v1.0.2'.

v1.0.1 / 2016-10-19

New Features:


  • Incorrect path separators ('/' instead '\');
  • Several errors with XML-Schema support;
  • Firmware HEX-files wrong accumulation.

Special thanks to the ifm team for usefull feedbacks.

Download 'v1.0.1'.